For the last 30 years, it contributes to different markets and many areas of economy in various developing industries and worldwide.

Bros Endüstri Holding merged in Amsterdam while investing in industry and developed quite rapidly in CIS member countries from 1980 to now.

In 1996, Bros Endüstri Holding decided to increase its scope and created a new division under the name of Special Chemicals.

Providing services in the aluminum curtain wall systems and aluminum joinery sector since 1989, ERBAY ALUMINYUM is a professional specialized firm using the most advanced aluminum products and technologies in the world.

Operating since 2008, "Real Cleaning" company provides the high level of services offering innovative approach in the field of cleaning in Azerbaijan. It started to provide cleaning services in many industrial, housing and public organizations soon after its establishment.

As MEA Asansör Sanayi we have been producing elevator control tables and well data equipment with the latest technology and many years of experience since 1992. R&D activities of control cards are carried out abroad. Our company, with its experienced staff has capacity and equipment which will provide services to all requirements of our customers on elevator control.